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Friday, March 19, 2010

Markets spooked as Greek rescue plan crumbles - Telegraph
Roach Rebuffs Krugman Call to Pressure China on Yuan - Bloomberg
Greenspan Concedes That the Fed Failed to Gauge the Bubble - NY Times discloses probe of books - MarketWatch
Petroleum Demand Lessons from the Late 1970s - The Oil Drum
Up-to-Date Primer on Gold, Part 1 - Seeking Alpha
It Was A Wonderful Life - Burning Platform
The Bears Are Dead Wrong - WSJ

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Oil drifts below $82 as month-long rally stalls - AP
Gold slips as dollar firms; awaits news on Greece - Reuters
Central Bank Gold Holdings Expand at Fastest Pace Since 1964 - Bloomberg
Lost Force of Our Demand: The US No Longer Controls the Price of Oil -
Why gold and silver are biggest asset bubbles - Commodity Online
Will UNG Be the First Big ETF to Go Bust? - Zero Hedge

What Will Labor Market Recovery Look Like? - WSJ
U.S. economy is on a moderate growth path - Washington Post
Initial, Continued and Extended Unemployment Claims - Paper Economy
Is Upside Economic Momentum Set to Bubble? - Capital Spectator
Stagflation Versus Hyperinflation - Krugman, NY Times

A China-U.S. Reckoning - Forbes
Eastern Europe's economies: What went right - Economist
Germany Backtracks on Europe Rescue for Greece - NY Times
Papandreou Racing to Cut Greek Rates With Aid Pledge - Bloomberg
Our Big Mac index shows the Chinese yuan is still undervalued - Economist
It's Now HardBall Between Germany and Greece - Prudent Investor
China’s Exporters Hanging by a Thread? - Naked Capitalism
A special report on Germany: Older and wiser - Economist
Will the U.S. Become the Next Ireland? - NY Times

Fannie Mae Economists Lower First Quarter Forecast - UPI
First American CoreLogic: House Prices Decline 1.9% in January - Calculated Risk
Indiana Homeowner Kicked Out Of HAMP For Early Payment Wins Reprieve - HuffPo
Driving Up Interest Rates Will Deepen Housing Slump - Stiglitz - Seeking Alpha
Has the Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension Flopped? - WSJ

Fed May Boost Discount Rate Before Next Meeting - Bloomberg
Bernanke sees US backing Fannie, Freddie debt - Housing Wire
Many Calls for Avoiding a Repeat of Bank Bailouts - NY Times
Fed bought $10 bln net in agency MBS in latest week - Reuters

Reconciling Reconciliation - Taibblog
Obama's Approval Rating Lowest Yet, Congress' Declines - Gallup
Property tycoon 'lost Lamborghini while drunk' - Telegraph
See the Tragedy of the Commons - Marginal Revolution


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