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Monday, March 08, 2010

EU Works on IMF-Style Lender, Speculation - Bloomberg
IMF: Greece will come through crisis without bailout - Guardian
Volcker Says Too Soon to Cut U.S. Monetary, Fiscal Stimulus - Bloomberg
A year on and quantitative easing is paused– but when will it return? - Telegraph
Link-phobic bloggers at the NYT and WSJ - Salmon, Reuters
California's Big, Fat High-Yield Debt - Barron's
Should You Join The Next Gold Rush? - WSJ
China ready to end dollar peg - Telegraph

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Oil maintains momentum to rise to near $82 - AP
Gold rises as dollar dips; palladium near 2-year high - Reuters
Exclusive: Jim Rogers is Long the Euro - Wall St. Cheat Sheet
U.S. companies amass record cash vs debt: report - Reuters
Gold is decade's best performing investment - Telegraph
The Rubber Hits the Road - Hussman Funds

Jobless Rate Actually Stands at 11.5%: Roach - CNBC
More temp workers are becoming permanent - USA Today
When economy turns, some jobs won't return - Post and Courier
Government Can and Should Create Jobs - Economist's View
27% of construction workers go jobless - O.C. Register

Greece kicks off global rescue tour - Globe and Mail
Greece won't need aid, central bank chief tells paper - Reuters
Sarkozy Says Euro Region Ready to Help Greece If Necessary - Bloomberg
Why the sun looks poised to set on Japan's era of cheap government debt - Telegraph
Iceland will take many years to clear its debt to Britain, says Alistair Darling - Guardian
China to Nullify Financing Guarantees by Local Governments - Bloomberg
Volcker Criticizes Greek Budget Derivatives ‘Abuse’ - Bloomberg
The Euro Has Been a Smashing Success - WSJ

Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss - NY Times
Moreno Valley is prime example of housing boon and a bust - Press Enterprise
Around Tampa Bay, foreclosure means never having to leave -
Mom, Apple Pie and Mortgages - Shiller, NY Times

Fed To Keep Bank Oversight - HuffPost
Banksters Win Again, Edition 1,477,536 - Naked Capitalism
‘On the Edge’ Banks Facing Writedowns After FDIC Loan Auctions - Bloomberg
Economists see Fed rate hike in 6 months - Reuters
Fed Fights Deflationary Demons - Forbes

Crash blamed on motorist shaving privates - UPI
Partisanship's bad now in Washington? Try again - AP
Anthem a boon to Obama's healthcare efforts - LA Times
More Evidence of an Urgent Problem - The White House Blog


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