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Monday, March 22, 2010

House Approves Landmark U.S. Health-Care Bill - Bloomberg
For Consumers, Clarity on Health Care Changes - NY Times
Ex-IMF head urges insolvency mechanism for states - Reuters
Merkel Says Summit Won’t Yield Greek Aid; Bonds Drop - Bloomberg
Fitch: US, UK Must Cut Budget Deficits by 6-7 percentage points - Research Recap
7 US banks bite the dust in a day,37 failures in 2010 - Press Trust
Goldman execs get big 2009 fund payouts - Reuters
Greenspan Strikes Back - Newsweek

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Oil drops to near $80, extending Friday's losses - AP
Gold edges down as dollar firms; Greece news eyed - Reuters
Buy-and-hold still works for mutual fund investors - MarketWatch
Junk Bonds Selling at Briskest Pace Since 2007: Credit Markets - Bloomberg
Zombies and Rube Goldberg Machines - Hussman
What or Who is Driving up Prices? - ETF Guide
Santoli: Pullback or Crash? - The Big Picture

Preview: Durable Goods Orders Probably Climbed - Bloomberg
Average income tax refund jumps by 10% to $3,036 - USA Today
Estranged spouses increasingly waiting out downturn to divorce - Washington Post
Recovery? Depends on where you look - MarketWatch
Job Loss Takes a Toll on Mental Health - LiveScience

Europe divided on aid to Greece before summit - Reuters
I.M.F. Gives Debt Warning for the Wealthiest Nations - NY Times
Has Germany just killed the dream of a European superstate? - Telegraph
Schaeuble says any EU aid would be for "most extreme" cases - Reuters
Greece’s Debt Crisis, Once Again, Weighs on Markets - NY Times
Krugman Versus Roach Is Right Fight for Don King - Bloomberg
China vows to hit back if targeted by U.S. on yuan - Reuters
Opposition 'Day of Anger' in Russia - Yahoo! News

What's left to fix housing market? - Reuters
CA Housing is Double-Dipping Right Now! - Hanson
The HAMP Hoax: How the Obama Administration is Hiding the - HuffPo
Real-estate investors now helping stabilize market - Arizona Republic
Should You Buy or Rent? - Kiplinger

Greenspan versus Reality (Part I) - Wall Street Pit
Bernanke: Fed needs small bank oversight to spot problems - MarketWatch
Fate of Volcker Rule May Hinge on Dodd’s ‘Shall’ Becoming ‘May’ - Bloomberg
'Extended Period' on Rates Puts Fed in Box: Bullard - CNBC

Couch potatoes: New York plants go to the movies - AFP
Realistic newborn baby dolls on sale for mothers to remember birth - Metro
Shark-Bitten Crocodile Poop Fossils Found (No, Really) - Wired Science
Cat With Flat Head and Webbed Feet Losing Habitat - LiveScience



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