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The presidents discuss consumer protection

Saturday, March 06, 2010

In case you haven't already seen this video from Funny or Die that reunites all past Saturday Night Live cast members impersonating presidents, here it is.

If you didn't recognize Dan Aykroyd at first as Jimmy Carter, don't feel bad - I didn't know it was him until it this fine piece (directed by Ron Howard) was almost over.


Greg in LA said...

Did I miss something, but I didn't find this skit all that funny. Although it was interesting that SNL portrayed Barak Obama as a victim.

I guess now we have a "Victim as President".

What I think is that Liberal Democrats have changed their view of Barak Obama. First they believed that he was "The most intelligent man ever", a kind of superman. With all the smarts and all the answers. Now that he has been President for over a year he is portrayed as a victim, well meaning but dosn't know what to do, weak and kind of scared.

It is kind of weird and pathetic to see an American president portrayed as a well meaning victim. American Presidents are often portrayed as dumb, or inept, but "a well meaning victim", now that's new. It is also not very believable.

The Liberal media portrayed Barak Obama as super human, and now he is a pushed around weak victim, who needs a hug because he is scared. I am sorry, but you can't have it both ways. Is he strong and brilliant or is he a weak well meaning dunce. You decide.

And by the way, incase you haven't noticed the victim mentality runs deep with Liberal Democrats.

Anonymous said...

When they gave the Fed responsibility for protecting consumers from the banks that own the Fed, they showed who really runs the country. Special interest lobbies write their own regulations.

If consumers got to appoint Fed governors, then there would be real consumer protection. Instead, the banks appoint the governors, who regularly vote to rip consumers off with inflation to bail out the banks. When the Fed stops printing to bail out the banks (ripping off consumers with higher prices), then I will believe that the Fed is the consumers' protector.

How long do I have to wait before the CPI is allowed to go lower as production technology improves?

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