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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EU warns 5 major eurozone nations on budgets - AP
Japan Eases Monetary Policy to Fight Deflation - NY Times
Key stumbling block for Senate bank reform: Investors - MarketWatch
Bernanke Will Tell Congress Bank Oversight Aids Monetary Policy - Bloomberg
Moody’s hints at move that could be catastrophic for US debt - CSM
Time for Truth: Three Card Monte is for Suckers - New Deal 2.0
Author Lewis says Wall Street reckoning is coming - Reuters
U.S. states: Running with the PIIGS - Fortune

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Oil tops $82, OPEC says prices "beautiful" - Reuters
Gold extends gains on dollar, near 1-week high - ninemsn
OPEC Agrees for Fifth Time to Leave Quotas Unchanged - BusinessWeek
Why mutual fund investors shun the bull market - MarketWatch
Central Banks Give Markets a Reason to Rise - NY Times
Jim Rogers Sizes Up Two Global Bubbles - CNBC

February wholesale prices drop 0.6 percent - AP
Jobs Bill Poised To Clear Senate, Head To Obama - HuffPo
Obama officials: 9.7% jobless rate 'unacceptable' - CNN/Money
Siemens to cut 1,000 jobs, restructure IT unit: report - AFP
Do Jobless Benefits Discourage People From Finding Jobs? - NY Times

S&P takes Greece off credit watch - AP
Strong yuan calls ignore China stability needs - Reuters
U.K. Unemployment fall raises recovery hopes - Guardian
Martin Wolf: China, Germany Committing World to Deflation - Naked Capitalism
The proposed EU Greek bail-out cannot simply bypass German law - Telegraph
China in Midst of ‘Greatest Bubble in History,’ Rickards Says - Bloomberg
China economic growth forecasts raised by World Bank - Guardian
BOJ Doubles Lending Program to Combat Deflation - Bloomberg
Dazzled by housing's magic rise - National Times

O.C. mortgage defaults up 13.8% - O.C. Register
Miami condo deal nets $200,000 profit in just 20 minutes - McClatchey
One Defaulting Owner’s Free Ride: Three Years and Counting - Irvine Housing Bubble
Southern California home prices rise 10% in February - LA Times

Fed stands pat on rates, key wording - MarketWatch
PIMCO: End of mortgage buys form of tightening - Reuters
Fed upshot: Six more months of near-zero short rates? - LA Times
Who Is Assaulting the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? - Housing Wire

Study: New immigrants avoiding big cities - CSM
Manuka the micro pig has a day out in London - Metro
Irate Brazil artist adds randy bulls to CowParade art exhibit - AFP
Nigerian prince still wants your money - CNN/Money



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