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What exactly does Germany want?

Monday, March 22, 2010

A simple Google news search on "Greece" yields the following results this morning, making clear what Germany does not want for the Greeks and their growing debt problem. The question is, what do they want?
IMAGE The European Union summit in Brussels that intends to somehow address the issue that has, once again, reached crisis levels will not begin until Thursday, so it looks like the Germans have three days to figure that out.

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Anonymous said...

What the Germans want is simple, a stable currency. They don't want to start down a road that may lead to a return of the hyper inflation that confiscated their grandparents' life savings. This generation wants to retire with some savings to live off of. Unaffordable spending/bailouts ultimately lead to printing.

Many Germans want to return to the D-Mark, because they don't trust the Euro. They would leave the Euro at once if someone like Ben or Alan were in charge of printing.

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