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Bad Macro flagged as SPAM, chopped off at the knees!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Tuesday, the new blog - Bad Macro - was flagged as SPAM by Blogger/Google and it was taken down - everything appears to be intact, it's just that noone can get to it (kind of defeating the whole purpose of having a blog). Blogger/Google have been contacted and hopefully it will be back up soon. Meanwhile, new posts will appear below.


Tim said...

Yes, there is actually a place on Blogger where you can type in a message and send it off - hopefully someone received it.

Tim said...

Hmmm... record foreclosures in California, dollar tanking, something about record home price declines somewhere, stock market looking shaky ... maybe someone is trying to get me to switch back to this old blog.

Piggly Wiggly said...

Wow! So like one person can flag a blog and it's gone? Creepy. Oh well, as you know I like the old name better.

I sent a message off to Blogger when some smiley faces for my "sad and happy columns" disappeared and no one at Blogger responded. Spent the next two hours trying to find the pics again on the 'net. Blogger never ever explained why the images went away. Now all my stuff is archived.

But I think it's more insidious, Tim. Clearly, you are having an influence on the market and greater powers have got you marked. I wonder why they left TMTGM alone. Hmmm, this must be a very deep conspiracy.

Tim said...

No, they said something about their 'bots detecting SPAM like behavior and that they were very apologetic in advance if there was actually a human typing at the keyboard.

jmf said...

Moin from Germany,

I was shocked to see that the link to "Bad Macro" was broken.

Lets hope alltogether that Blogger really is working on the issue and is explaining how it came to the shutdown.


Anonymous said...

Ignore the karma at your peril.

Restore the old name!!

d said...


Anonymous said...

I am happy since I immensely liked the old name.

Alan Greenspan is this century's greatest criminal (crime for which no law exists -- printing money).

TH said...

Demonstrates the abysmal state of machine learning; and Google hubris for even attempting this without human supervision. Time to take their shares down a notch.

Vegas Radar said...

FHEW!! ....wondered where you went— got kinda scared there, thought you gave up

I like the old name too BTW

Keep up the good work!

Vegas Radar

Anonymous said...

yeah, I like the old name, too.

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