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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now that the new blog is completely useless to anyone but me (and to me it is only useful in a limited composition and preview mode rather than as a real blog where others can actually read it too), it is only natural to wonder what these eight people have seen after somehow penetrating the Blogger/Google-SPAM-cone-of-silence that was dropped just after 9:36 this morning.

Worldspice, - what do you see? Sprintbbd, you saw two pages - how's BM doing?


fish said...


I checked in at the tail end of my lunch hour to check in and got the blogger not found window (sent you an e-mail). Later I heard that S.F. had a pretty serious power outage and thought that your hosting service might have been affected.

Apparently not! Bad spammer....very bad spammer!

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