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Five dollar diesel

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We saw this when we were out the other day but didn't have a camera ready to snap a picture.

A reporter for the local newspaper apparently did have a camera at the ready when they drove by as what you see to the right showed up in yesterday's afternoon edition.

In Tuesday's California SUV fill up index at $4.00, the imminent appearance of the number five was alluded to - just when residents of the Golden State were getting used to looking at 4's across the board, up pops a new and very odd looking figure for their brain to wrestle with.

Most of you probably remember the period after the 2005 hurricanes when retail gasoline prices first breached the $3 level - gas stations were running short on 3's for their signs and in some cases had to make do with magic markers.

There hasn't seemed to be a similar problems with 4's - maybe they ran short in Southern California, but not around here.

Have they already ramped up production and placed orders for 5's? This gas station owner may have had his sitting around for a while and with diesel recently at $4.89, maybe he just thought, "What the heck? I'll put it up just to see how it looks".

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Anonymous said...

Id ask if you are 50 miles from another gas station, but the picture answers that. Still that seems high for diesel, even though in San Diego its around 4.80 a gallon.

Anonymous said...

The Shell on Del Mar Heights Road and I-5 (Carmel Valley, San Diego) (,-117.241129&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=19&sll=32.950485,-117.241035&sspn=0.002262,0.001652&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=19) today posted $5.29 / gallon of diesel, up a whopping $0.30 from yesterday . . . .

David said...

Better lay on a supply of "sixes" if the National Hurrican Centre sees its first Gulf hurricane.

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