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Wither the Hummer?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Say it isn't so!

Four dollar gasoline is causing General Motors to consider dumping one of the most important brand names of our time - one that historians will forever associate with the current era of American overconsumption and general excess.

Is this the end of the line for the Hummer?

What do they think we are a bunch of wooses?

If GM does go through with the sale of its Hummer division as part of a "strategic assessment" of the brand that has served as a lightening rod for the debate about so many topics over the last few years, look what future generations will be missing:

There's lots more here at Google Images.

As newer readers may not know, this blog has a particular affinity for Hummers, all starting with a sequence of pictures taken in a hotel parking lot a few years back. Here's the one that showed up on Venezuealan television just before the government shut the TV station down.

Seriously, that really did happen - someone had doctored the photo to make it look like the Venezuelan government was staging Hummers for some sort of an invasion or something - it was all quites strange.

For the complete history of Hummers at TMGTM, see this item from last year.

Ahhhh... memories.

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staghounds said...

The Hummer tale was my first time with TMTGM. Sigh...

They aren't cutting SUV prices yet.

But they will, probably in about two weeks. Hw do I know and why so precise?

Because that's when I take delivery of my new Trailblazer.

Did You Know? said...

in my life, i saw hummer just once.

dmsteidl said...

It's about time. I thought $3.00 gasoline would be the death of those behemoths.

I wonder what the trade-in value is on those things now with $4.00 gasoline? I read somewhere that people are getting $8K or less on trade for 3-4 year old Cadillac Escalades.

Anonymous said...

The price of gas isn't killing the demand for Hummers as much as the evaporation of credit.

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