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Friday, August 01, 2008

Julie Alexandria at WallStrip shares some thoughts about speculation in oil markets and short selling of financial shares with more than the usual share of odd images.


Tim said...

I just noticed that the Discover Card commercial (see No, not so bright from Tuesday) sometimes plays before Julie gets started. Pretty funny.

fish said...

Satire coupled with smokin hot narrarator. Who could ask for anything more?

Anonymous said...

didn't hear a word she said as i was too busy staring at her tits.

mr. rational said...

In my experience, it's VERY rare to get that kind of beauty and brains in one package.

It seems to me that she actually understands what she's saying.

Contrast this with the usual bimbo on some cable news program who struggles to read the news let alone understand it.

This gal is well worth watching and listening to. But, you might have to play it twice to do that!

peterG said...

Dear 'Anonymous' your problem hearing the lady's report...
It is rumoured that Apple is soon releasing a new medical product called the 'iTit'.It is a breast implant w/ an iPod imbedded. It will solve the complaint women have had for ages that men only stare at their tits & never listen to them.Now men can do both.

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