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Don't shoot the dog

Monday, September 22, 2008



dearieme said...

Use of a half-white, half-black dog, and the hint at assassination: oh dear, some lunatic will suggest that McCain is responsible for this.

Turfkiller said...

The defense attorneys will be pleading not guilty by reason of temporary insanity using the world class cotton candy defense.

bevo said...

Great use of the wonderful National Lampoon cover.

It is depressing how this piece of policy junk (e.g., the Wall Street bailout) appears like a replay of the run up to the Iraq war.

A don't question us because we know best administration. A incapable of asking a single question. A compliant Congress to meek and afraid to advise let alone hold hearings.

Good to know the American taxpayer is being well served by the incompetence naboobs.

BTW, Paulson, you are doing a heck of a job.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we don't have much time. This idiot Shrub we work for is out of office in less than 4 months and we want one last drunken spending orgy, so pass this now, or it's the end of the world.

ikidyounot said...

Hey Anonymous, 09/24/2008. Today is 01/13/2010. We now have a Socialist idiot in the White House, his name is Barack Obama. He makes George W. Bush look like a genius.

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