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Monday, September 22, 2008

Giant Investment Banks Grasp for Government Safety Net - Washington Post
Fannie, Freddie Subprime Spree May Add $100 Billion to Bailout - Bloomberg
Putting a Price Tag on a Government Bailout - NY Times
Bank Rescue a Political, Bureaucratic Nightmare - Bloomberg
Democrats Set Terms as Bailout Debate Begins - NY Times
Democrats urge caution on financial legislation - AP
It could get much worse - Baltimore Sun

US crisis: Invest 25% of networth in gold - Commodity Online
Oil rises as investors mull US bailout - AP
Gold climbs on weaker dollar, financial outlook - Reuters
Radical gold bugs gloating, but guarded - MarketWatch
Value of Dollar will drop; Gold will skyrocket - Commodity Online

Can we dodge a recession? Many consumers feel poor - USA Today
Shaken Consumers, Banks May Stifle U.S. Growth, Extend Slowdown - Bloomberg
'World Is Curved' offers valuable historical perspective - USA Today

Bailout may give housing market some breathing room - LA Times
A Sense of Resentment Amid the 'For Sale' Signs - Washington Post
Sovereign Funds May Invest $725 Billion in Real Estate by 2015 - Bloomberg
Blame greed, Insider Q&A is told - OC Register

Treasuries Irresistible as Deflation Trumps Paulson - Bloomberg
Anatomy of a bank collapse - MSN Money
Whatever we do, it will be wrong - MSN Money
In Crisis, Paulson’s Power Is Magnified - NY Times
Cox `Asleep at Switch' as Paulson, Bernanke Encroach - Bloomberg

As house price woes hit France, could Paris resist? - Reuters
America rises to the occasion, storm heads towards brittle Europe - Telegraph
Asia Ponders United Socialist States of America - Bloomberg
U.K. Housing Market `on Its Knees,' Rightmove Says - Bloomberg
Canada July retail sales growth slows on autos - Reuters

Bank crisis: 10 things to know now - MSN Money
The week that rocked the financial markets - Guardian UK

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