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Monday, September 22, 2008

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Meet the Press yesterday.

Now, if you feel horrible after those two, have a look at Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and John Boehner (R-Ohio) on This Week with George Stephanopolous.

Boehner: "I think the American people are looking to us to give the Secretary these powers as quickly as possible"

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kwark said...

Absolutely, freaking, incredible. BushCo and it's subsidiaries in CONgress see the writing on the wall and figure "we'd better make this power grab while we can". AND there's not a damn thing we can do about it except bend over and cringe.

Who could EVER have guessed that something like this could happen. Riiiiight.

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney's last power-grab for the executive branch.

Will said...

“The Great Depression was Not accidental, it was a carefully contrived occurrence.
The International Bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all.”
- Congressman Louis McFadden

This is another engineered Collapse.

Anonymous said...

One Response to “Jim Rogers: financial carnage far from over”
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Also,, , now with the fed’s taking over fannie and freddie. . does this mean now that all loans are going to FHA. . and the FHA lic. requirement??? Regards, Angela
By Angela on Sep 22, 2008

Anonymous said...

Brokaw doesn't know enough about finance to ask intelligent follow-on questions. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Wow. From Charles the third to Henry the first. Well done. Welcome back.

Interesting to see Paulson drop all pretense about the need to pass the bill "before the recess". He just wants it right freaking now.

Anonymous said...

Angela the mortgage broker's comment was very enlightening, and shocking. So much insider deals and top down stealing. (from clients to larger banks skimming fees).
Paulson said that these illiquid and unknown value assets we, the taxpayers, are buying, will be ours to sell in the future! Oh joy! And he added, as if it were a positive, that we are not getting any real estate, just the bad debt. He is acting like the entrepreneur he is and hoping the same system of betting that brought about this crisis will fix it. IT ain't gonna float but we, the taxpayers will be facing that too late as the boys who caused this will have the debt unloaded. Call Congress and demand more real value in return for this bailout. Create a United States National Bank for god's sake so at least we the taxpayers can be earning the interest on our loans to big business. We have been told for years that we as a nation cannot afford universal healthcare, why it would cost a half a trillion dollars maybe ( in return for the health of a nation) but damn, in a WEEK they can find a half a trillion dollars to bail out their friends in the investment world whose bets have gone bad.
Banks and credit card companies hold their customers feet to the fire in late fees, and huge adjustments if they can't pay, yet when they can't meet THEIR obligations they want a free ride from us. What goes round comes round. A nation run by chicanery is bound to come down. nationalize the banking system and nationalize healthcare. Let us all be the "shareholders" of this great country and reap the profits, financially and morally.
And I reject the notion I have heard on T.V. and radio so many times that "We the regular people can't understand all of this.." or " There are a lot smarter people up there in Washington than me..." 1. The overriding issues are NOT that difficult to understand, ( and we do not need to know how arcane financial instruments have operated in the past, it is enough to know that they have failed their Masters and the Masters are coming to us to pick their ass up off of the ground.)
2. Just because someone may be smarter than you does not mean that they are LOOKING OUT for YOU.

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