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Guess the year-end price of oil and gold!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Welcome to the fifth semi-annual "Guess the price of oil and gold contest" where readers can enter a friendly competition to win a free one-year subscription to the companion investment website Iacono Research. Past contests have produced the following results:
IMAGEThat was quite a break in the trend since the end of the last contest in June - with almost three months left until this contest ends, who knows where prices will end up.

Last time around, it was TP who snagged the prize as shown below. Presumably, he is now enjoying the benefits of the subscription site.
IMAGEThe rules remain the same - only the dates have changed.

The contest is based on the combined percentage differences between the guessed values and the closing prices on December June 31st, 2008 using the near-month (February) Nymex futures contract for WTI crude oil and the COMEX closing price for gold bullion.

Entries may be made either by posting them in the comments section of this post or sending mail to either or All entries must be received no later than October 23rd, two weeks from today - there will be two more notices such as this one as reminders and current subscribers can win a free one-year extension to their existing subscription.

The winner will be announced on December 31st - good luck to all!

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Aaron said...

Oil - $73
Gold - $925


TenguPhule said...

OIl: $94
Gold: $986

Dan said...

Oil: $60
Gold: $1,200

Mathlete said...

Oil: $45
Gold: $1200

AuAgPb said...

Oil: $133
Gold: $1154

NMMM.NU said...

Oil: $200
Gold: $1200

ara1978 said...

Oil: $160
Gold: $1900

Sedge said...

Oil $135
Gold $1350

Terry said...

oil $67
gold $1425

fish said...

Gold: $1750 headed for $3000 by this time next year.

Oil: $115

Stalky said...

Gold 1300
Oil 110

John H said...

Gold $1250
Oil $62

Anonymous said...

$179 & &1049,

EEngineer said...

Oil: $95
Gold: $1250
The only thing I'm sure of that it's going to be a bumpy ride. Buckle up!

News said...

Oil: 60
Gold: 875

Armydave said...

Oil: 80

Anonymous said...

oil: $92
gold: $897

IIO said...

oil $97
gold $977

Eric said...

Oil $83
Gold $833

BlackSwan said...

Oil $70
Gold $1000

Vespucian said...

Gold: $2,100
Oil: $200

Christian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christian said...

deflation before inflation...

gold $600

oil $65

StasM said...

Oil 72
Gold 808

Dave said...

OK. Here's my guess.

Oil - $65
Gold - $700

Thanks. This is fun. Something to look forward to after the Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Oil - $60
Gold - $600

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