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Gold parties!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

There was a segment on ABC News last night about Gold Parties, which are apparently quite popular these days as housewives all across the country scour their dresser drawers for jewelry and then meet up with their friends to make some quick cash.

Since the ABC News piece wasn't embeddable, the YouTube clip above was about the best that could be done here - the video at ABC is worth viewing as well.

What's a little disturbing about all this is that these party-goers have the same looks in their eyes and giggles in their throats as when they were, maybe, talking about investment property back in 2005 and perhaps stocks in 2000.

This time, however, the mood is similar, but somehow very different.

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Dan said...

"Aint no party like a gold digger party 'cause a gold digger party don't stop!"

She's offering a worse spread than you get at your gold dealer! They should be called, "Golden Fleecing Parties".

I loved the line from the ABC piece, "All that glitters isn't gold; it's better!" when referring to the fact that you can get FRNs for your gold.


AuAgPb said...

I like the fact that the parties and commercials on TV are about the sheeple getting rid of their gold, not buying it all up. The few goldbugs there are provide more than enough competition already. Great post Tim.

fish said...


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