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Oil and gold contest - the fun begins

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Entries for the 2008 edition of the "Guess the Year-End Price of Oil and Gold" contest have been tabulated and they now appear in the chart and tables below.
There were a total of 89 entries (down from 111 entries in June) with average guesses of $81 for a barrel of oil and $918 for an ounce of gold (this compares to average guesses of $119 and $997 for the last contest).

For oil, the high/low range was $200/$40 and, for gold, the range was $2,100/$600.

All individual guesses appear in the tables below - if something looks amiss, please let me know (this is a manual process, prone to error). All entries received via email use the sender's initials unless directed otherwise - you should be able locate your guess based on when and how it was made:

From the October 9 post:
From the October 16 post:
From the October 23 post:
From Yahoo! Mail:
From Iacono Research mail:
The graphic at the top of this post will be updated about every two weeks, usually on Fridays, until the last few weeks in December when updates will occur weekly.

Good luck to all!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this Tim --- much appreciated.

Ted S.

Tim said...

You're welcome.

domus said...

Tim, I couldn't find my entry but I am pretty sure I posted my bet as a comment after one of your posts reminding us about the context.
I don't really remember what the exact values were but could you maybe add the following (if you don't find the old entry):
Gold 897
Oil 88

Bear Tracks said...


I have the same story as domus (see above). I posted it in the comments section on the entry deadline date under the name Bear Tracks. I will know to email you next time. (I got 10th place last time under the name BT). Anyway, thanks for doing this; it's fun.

Tim said...

All fixed up now - the table from Oct 23 was mistakenly a duplicate of the Yahoo! Mail guesses.

Thanks for letting me know.

Drippy G said...

so the average of all the guesses is supposed to be better than the best single guess. Lets test

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