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Sunday, October 19, 2008

OPEC needs to cut output to avoid price fall - Reuters
Bush will host world leaders at economic summit - AP
Bankrupt Calif. City May Be a Harbinger - Washington Post
Negative equity 'affecting 60,000 families a month', report reveals - Telegraph U.K.
The Confidence Game - Wall Street Journal

War between paper gold and bullion gold - Commodity Online
Some investors grow leery of stocks in grim market - AP
Internet firms react fast to avert implosion - SF Gate

Existing-home sales expected to hold up again - MarketWatch
Nobel Economics Laureate Krugman Sees `Nasty' U.S. Recession - Bloomberg
California unemployment holds steady at 7.7% - LA Times
Report: NBC Universal plans $500 million in cuts - AP

Building Flawed American Dreams - NY Times
The Housing Bill and TARP has Battered the Housing Market - RightSide
Home pricing slump to linger - Salt Lake Tribune
How to avoid the next housing bubble - LA Times

Financial Rescues Can Set Off New Problems - Washington Post
The Guys From ‘Government Sachs’ - NY Times
Spending Surge Pushing Deficit Toward $1 Trillion - Washington Post

Optimism wanes as crisis reaches India - BBC
Dutch prepare to pump $12 billion into ING - Reuters
Bank chiefs ordered to cut home evictions - Guardian U.K.
IMF to investigate its director - BBC
Britain's £500bn banking bail-out: The inside story of a dramatic week - Telegraph
S. Korea Backs $100 Billion in Debt to Calm Markets - Bloomberg

Financial crisis dampens London's Olympic plans - LA Times
GM sends Hummer sales book to potential buyers - Reuters

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