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Friday, October 31, 2008

It is truly amazing what some people do to their pets.
IMAGEI do not know the source of these photos as they came via email - if anyone does know their source, please leave a comment or send mail and I'll be happy to provide a link. There are a few more below, my favorite being the one directly below ... brace yourself.


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Anonymous said...

Just an excerpt, sorry for dodgy cut and paste---Good article
Upcoming Gold Default
by Jim Willie, CB. Editor, Hat Trick Letter | October 30, 2008

TheCOMEX gold & silver markets are each hurtling down a dangerous pathtoward default. The artificial paper price has created enormousphysical demand, and hampered supply production, if not delivery. Thegap between the JPMorgan-led corrupted phony paper price and thelegitimate physical price in actual trading markets has grown sharply,enough to force a breakdown like in any distorted market. When Decembercontracts in gold & silver are demanded to be satisfied viadelivery of the metal, it will be clear that the COMEX is running a scam. A default is highly likely. Of course, they can continue to denycontract holders the right to benefit from delivery, as they have beendoing for months to ‘Non-Economic Customers’ but soon the ‘CommercialCustomers’ will be defrauded. Arrests are warranted. We will see howthis corruption unfolds.

Tim said...

I've been hearing about that for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

Have a friend back east who plans to dress his dogs up as registered ACORN voters for halloween, all decked out in red, white and blue.

Anonymous said...

Why dogs bite people

staghounds said...

Someone greasy and fat is my guess.

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