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An insult or a compliment for Ron Paul?

Monday, November 10, 2008

The graphic below is in the current issue of Time Magazine. It is not clear what (if anything) should be made of it - I guess it depends on how you feel about the Grateful Dead (and gold).


Anonymous said...

Time is so grossly liberal and in support of Obama it's insulting.

If I hadn't gotten it for free I'd demand my money back.

Anonymous said...

I think it was their feeble attempt to say something humorous about someone who wanted out of Iraq and happened to be a gold bug. (They don't see how the two can go together.) Not that they succeeded, but still, a C+ for effort.

Anonymous said...

Time and other "journalistic" efforts like it are the true opiate of the masses.

blakmira said...

Well, I'm sure Time meant it as an insult, but how many 71 year old men are as hip and passionate as Ron Paul? (I guess if you're pro-peace, that could only mean uou're a hippie from the 70's -- the goal of modern American government is perpetual war)

He's truly inspiring -- and to have his supporters grow to crowds the size of what the Grateful Dead had in their heyday, that wuold be even more impressive.

Mathlete said...

It's the 2012 ticket.

Anonymous said...

This means 'Ron Paul Rocks - Going Gold for Peace!' and leaving the 'Barbie' behind ~

Mz Sexy Legz ~

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, I mean, I liked the guy and he had about 10% good ideas. But the other 90% was crazy!!! I mean seriously, the gold standard? Isn't that one of the culprits in the First Great Depression that we tend to blame? Leaving the UN? I didn't think anyone on an economic website really was a fan of the gold standard as it really doesn't make any sense. Why gold? Because its shiny and scarce and dense? There's plenty of other elements that are also. Why not something with a real utility, like oil? Why not something based on energy, which could then be semi-fungible via BTU content?

I wanted to like Ron Paul, I really did, but he was just too nuts, too radical. Plus he's a bit at odds as a Libertarian; pro-weed, pro-life? Where does personal liberty stand with him?

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