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Monday, November 10, 2008

Fed, Treasury revamp AIG support - MarketWatch
China Unveils Sweeping Plan for Economy - NY Times
Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans - Bloomberg
Circuit City files for bankruptcy - Reuters
Three-Month Dollar Libor Falls to Lowest Since 2004, BBA Says - Bloomberg
Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts - Carolina Journal
DHL Cuts 9,500 Jobs and Closes Service Centers - NY Times

Gold climbs as commodities rally on China - Reuters
Oil jumps above $64 on higher stock markets - AP
Does a bigger boom imply a bigger bust? - CFR
How Low, How Bad, How Long? - Hussman Funds
Laying Out a Feast for Bears and Gold Bugs - Goldseek

Are jobless next to need a bailout? - Christian Science Monitor
Pawnshops doing brisk business - USA Today
The Mini Depression and the Maximum-Strength Remedy - Robert Reich's Blog
Some G.M. Retirees Are in a Health Care Squeeze - NY Times
Recession or depression? - iTulip

Fannie reports $29B loss in 3Q as defaults rise - AP
O.C. home buyers tap FHA financing - O.C. Register
How I bought a foreclosed house - LA Times

Bernanke Put Shows Fed Securing Markets Beyond Greenspan Grasp - Bloomberg
A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks - Washington Post
Why banks are boosting credit card interest rates - USA Today
Bear Stearns Risk Manager to Guard New Henhouse - Bloomberg

China Oct factory output growth about 8 pct-source - Reuters
Canadian dollar soars alongside surging oil prices - Globe & Mail
Grim output data deepens euro zone recession fears - Reuters
China Stands Between Sydney and 1930s - Bloomberg
Slump in manufacturing costs raises prospect of deflation - Guardian
Canada Sept new housing prices rise unexpectedly - Reuters

Feel like a sucker? You're not alone - MSN Money
Some people are just not the retiring kind - USA Today

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