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A bailout boomtown

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Washington Post reports on one of the bright spots to the year-long financial crisis.

As the Financial Bailouts Grow, So Does the Fed
Real estate analysts have predicted that federal bailouts could be a boon for Washington commercial space, as federal agencies and the contractors that serve them expand in the face of the economy's problems.

A new deal supports that theory: The Federal Reserve is broadening its office footprint at International Square 1, 1850 K St. NW, Washington.

The agency leased an additional 80,000 square feet -- two more floors in the building. It already has about 35,000 square feet on one floor in the building.

Art Greenberg and Vernon Knarr, both brokers at Studley, represented the agency in the latest deal.
Paraphrasing the inimitable Carl Spackler from the 1980 movie classic Caddyshack:
So we got that goin' for us, which is nice.


Anonymous said...

Carl Spackler..... that really made my Monday morning Tim..... thanks

Anonymous said...

How nice for the politically connected men of property
in the Distric of Columbia.

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