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Monday, December 29, 2008

Kuwait cancels $17 billion deal with Dow Chemical - AP
Pound hits new low against euro - BBC
World Economy in 2009: Three priorities for recovery - Financial Times
The Weekend That Wall Street Died($) - Wall Street Journal
With gas falling, trucks come back - CNN/Money
The Beautiful Machine - Washington Post
US economy's gloom expected to begin lifting by late '09 - CSM
Massive quake rebuild holds key for China economy - Reuters

Oil above $40 after Gaza attack - CNN/Money
Dollar Falls on Concern Middle East Conflict May Cut Oil Supply - Bloomberg
Gold rises as Israeli air strikes continue in Gaza - MarketWatch
U.S. Corporate Profits Probably Fell for Sixth-Straight Quarter - Bloomberg
Newsletter of the year? Harry Schultz. Really. - MarketWatch
Thank God we cannot print Gold! - Commodity Online

Fifty Herbert Hoovers - Krugman, NY Times
Obama aides stress long-term goals - MarketWatch
Holiday Sales Slump to Force U.S. Store Closings, Bankruptcies - Bloomberg
Cash concerns spur some to part with collector's items - Chicago Tribune
Deficit or Depression? - Huffington Post

The waning of the boom - Globe & Mail
Japan’s GDP May Shrink 6.5% This Quarter, Bank of America Says - Bloomberg
Debt burden casts shadow over stimulus - Financial Times
Formerly soaring global trade suddenly comes to a halt - USA Today
Bank failure in Russia revives fears of turmoil - IHT
Recession is predicted to cost Britain 1m jobs - Guardian
Home owners no longer cashing in on value of homes - Telegraph

How one family's mortgage is linked to meltdown - Reuters
O.C. supply of homes for sale near 2-year low - O.C. Register
How FICO scores are changing: 3 scenarios - MSN Money
Don't miss the refi window - MarketWatch

As the Financial Bailouts Grow, So Does the Federal Reserve - Washington Post
Global Central Bank Focus: All In - McCulley, Pimco
Credit continues to ease - CNN/Money
Recession Opens U.S.-China Rift Paulson Talks Bridged - Bloomberg

U.S. states consider selling off roads, parks - USA Today
Economy threatens cities' fights vs. homelessness - AP
Gold traders reap windfall after Chinese glitch - Reuters

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