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Everyone deserves a roof

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A fascinating story and video from the LA Times:



Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding!

How bout passing out cheap, bigger, camping tents!? The technology to camp outside comfortably has been around for how many years?

So, you combine a pop tent with a shopping cart and this is some....what?...cure?....change?...what?

The only thing fascinating about this is that it is considered fascinating.

Average Joe

Anonymous said...

Lovely holiday spirit Joe!

Anonymous said...

The patronizingly pitiful act of giving someone something free to help them in their refusal to do anything for themselves doesn't qualify as charity any more than giving a child a ride to a booze party so they won't have to walk in the dark qualifies as good parenting.

For those who want's out there in spades, real help.

For those who want to live in poverty without responsibility will do so regardless of living conditions. Giving them something to make it more comfortable is a waste of human effort. Given a choice between an EDAR and a case of Beer or a syringe of Heroin, they'll choose to forgoe EDAR, afterall the cardboard box is just fine when you drunk or high.

My point is that cheap, larger, easier to carry pop up tents, nice sleeping bags, coleman stoves, lanterns, you name it are for sale at every walmart in the country.(yes the same walmart where they stand infront of begging day after day).

If you think they don't have the money to buy it for themselves through begging or theiving, then just figure out how expensive it is to have a drug habit or be an alcoholic and I'm sure there is enough money there to stock up on camping gear to make living homeless quite comfortable, if they were so inclined.

How about institutions for those mentally ill, and a demand for self reliance and sobriety for all the rest. EDAR doesn't fit in that equation.

Merry Christmas.

(speaking of Christmas...I do recall a tale about teaching to fish rather than giving a fish)

Anonymous said...

I am always fascinated that "poor" people can afford to smoke - what are they 25 cents each?

donny said...

Speaking of Christmas I remember a story of a man who bloody well handed out bread and fishes for free. Come on now.

Dan said...

There was a piece on 20/20, twenty years ago which covered homeless in NY. An average subway panhandler in NYC, in 1988 had revenues of > $50K/year.

They can afford to smoke.

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