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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vote on Detroit Bailout Nears - Washington Post
China’s Exports Decline for First Time in 7 Years - MarketWatch
Rio Tinto to cut 14,000 jobs - CNN/Money
Capitalist Fools - Vanity Fair
8 really, really scary predictions - Fortune
AIG Says More Managers Get Retention Payouts Topping $4 Million - Bloomberg
Bank of America makes offer to resolve worker sit-in - Reuters

Gold futures rise for a third session as oil rallies - MarketWatch
Questioning the Commodities Super Cycle - Naked Captialism
The Shadow Gold Price - The Big Picture
Why are gasoline (and oil) prices so low and where are they headed? - The Oil Drum
Should you jump in now? - Fortune

Recession prompts some couples to delay having kids - LA Times
Worst Spending Slump Since 1942 Extends ‘Scary’ U.S. Recession - Bloomberg
NFL cuts jobs as economy woes touch down - Reuters

Toyota to further cut production in North America over next 2 months - Chicago Tribune
Asian trade in 'free fall' as exports to West dry up - Telegraph
Euro protects Ireland from economic pneumonia - MarketWatch
U.K. Economy May Shrink Most Since 1990, Niesr Says - Bloomberg
Deflation risks in China, Japan as demand slumps - Reuters
India's Car Sales Plunge Most in Five Years on Loans - Bloomberg
Dire Forecast for Global Economy and Trade - NY Times

Some owners may intentionally fall behind on mortgage - USA Today
Ex-Officer Faults Mortgage Giants for ‘Orgy’ of Nonprime Loans - NY Times
Mortgage Troubles Are Moving Downtown - NY Times
Week-over-week mortgage filings down 7.1% - MarketWatch
Home Prices Post 12.9 Percent Decline in Oct: Report - HousingWire

Bernanke’s GM Rejection Aimed at Re-Establishing Rescue Limits - Bloomberg
Fed Weighs Debt Sales of Its Own - Wall Street Journal
Is the Fed Taking the First Steps to Selective Default and Devaluation? - Jesse's Cafe
US T-bill rates hit zero but bank rates ease - Reuters

Employer-based health insurance plans no longer work - LA Times
Upgrading from a cardboard box for the homeless - LA Times

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