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The stage is set for an exciting finale

Saturday, December 20, 2008

With the end of the year rapidly approaching and nearly every asset class now sporting double-digit declines in 2008, the dollar vs. gold competition is heating up with the latter clearly having the momentum (via the Wall Street Journal).
IMAGE Note that the 27 percent decline for crude oil indicated above includes data for the January futures contract that expired at about $33 a barrel last week (you can't give the stuff away these days). The new front month contract for February delivery goes for about $9 a barrel more, so there will likely be an equally misleading increase next week.


Anonymous said...

Is gold still backwarded? Where can I see that?

Anonymous said...

Where are govenment bond in that list? Looking at ishares ETFs the y-t-d performance is around 15%.

Tim said...

re: Treasuries
The chart comes from the WSJ and they saw fit not to include U.S. debt (they should have, at least for this year)

re: Backwardation
I thought James Turk's discussion on this was quite good: More on Gold Backwardation

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