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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obama ups jobs goal to 3 million - CNN/Money
White House Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire - NY Times
Madoff Can’t Leave Apartment, Prosecutors Fear ‘Harm or Flight’ - Bloomberg
Is the Medicine Worse Than the Illness? - WSJ
Schwarzenegger orders mass layoffs, unpaid furloughs - LA Times
In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match - NY Times

Stocks: Brace for a volatile week - CNN/Money
Why are oil prices still falling? - Commodity Online
Best to Be Wary Before Pouncing on Dollar's Loss - Washington Post
Forward Thinking On Backwardation - Safe Haven
How to stop Gold price manipulation - Commodity Online

Spending, Home Sales Probably Tumbled: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
Retailers pushing holiday sales as storm looms - Reuters
California posts 8.4% jobless rate, third highest in U.S. - LA Times
Biden to oversee efforts aimed at middle class - AP

ECB situation different to Fed on rates - Reuters
Chinese banks to help finance Taiwan investors - AP
Gulf Shares Decline as Oil Slide Threatens Growth; Emaar Drops - Bloomberg
Zimbabwe can't paper over its money woes - LA Times
Fischer Says Bank of Israel Will Prevent Deflation - Bloomberg
Canada offers $3.29 billion auto bailout - AP
Japan unveils economic aid, Belgian government falls - Reuters

The Shill Owns Up - Financial Aramageddon
Can you afford it now? - LA Times
Downturn hits vacation enclave of New York elite - Reuters
Low interest rates drive a new round of mortgage refinancing - LA Times

Q3 2008 "Flow of Funds" - Noland, Prudent Bear
US Fed's foolhardiness is of more concern than deflation - Telegraph

Father offers daughter to shoe-thrower - AP
Solstice Science: Why Winter Starts Dec. 21 - LiveScience


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