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Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's not clear whether this is a good thing or not (hat tip Market Observations).
This week's cartoon from The Economist:


Vespucian said...

I had heard anecdotally that there was now a net movement of people back to Mexico but have not seen anything conclusive.
Is there any information on this?

little larry sellers said...

I've also heard that many Mexicans are leaving the US due to difficulty finding work, but I have not seen anything conclusive either.

Still, I'd imagine that Mexico's economy is deteriorating as well since it is so dependent on US money. Workers sending money back home, human and drug trafficking, and maquiladoras should all be experiencing a dropoff now.

My last info on this subject came from conversations with a number of Mexican nationals at my company late last summer. They all said the same thing, that tons of jobs were available but the wages were abysmal at all of them. Although they were speaking of Mexico in general, a lot of the specifics were about the cities of Juarez and Durango, FWIW.

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