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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pelosi signals willingness to add to TARP funds - Reuters
Obama offers some economic stimulus specifics - LA Times
Obama pitches his plan to reverse economic slide - AP
Economy in shock: It's failure overload - LA Times
California-based 1st Centennial Bank fails - MarketWatch
Starbucks may cut 1,000 more jobs - Reuters
College financial aid system facing stiff test - AP

Markets focus on earnings, bank-rescue plan - MarketWatch
Obama's strong dollar policy may be for real - Reuters
Retirement: A New Wrinkle for 2009 - BusinessWeek
More companies offer to reprice, exchange 'underwater' options - LA Times

Obama Details Recovery Plan - Washington Post
Bad Times Spur a Flight to Jobs Viewed as Safe - NY Times
California unemployment rate jumps to 9.3% in December - LA Times
Car dealers try to survive as economy, sales drop - AP

China Rebuts Geithner, Denies Currency Manipulation - Bloomberg
Toyota Japan output to drop 60 percent in April - Reuters
Asia’s Migrant Workers Are First to Lose Jobs as Factories Shut - Bloomberg
Brazil Expands Investment in Offshore Drilling Projects - NY Times
RBS Taxes, Hailed as Contribution to Society, Erased by Rescue - Bloomberg

Freddie Will Ask For More U.S. Funds - NY Times
Costs and Tighter Rules Thwart Refinancings - NY Times
Housing market limits foreclosure assistance - Daily Comet
Home prices, rates down: Time to buy? - AZ Star Biz

Time to Unravel the Knot of Credit-Default Swaps - NY Times
Six Errors on the Path to the Financial Crisis - NY Times
Barack's Bankd Bet - New York Post

No Snickering: That Road Sign Means Something Else - NY Times
Sarah Palin fan mistakenly buys effigy with noose on EBay - LA Times

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