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Barack Obama on the Tonight Show

Friday, March 20, 2009

President Barack Obama was on the Tonight Show last night to talk about the economy, the AIG bailout, the AIG bonuses, Treasury Secretary Geithner, exploding toasters, and how Washington D.C. is like American Idol where everyone is Simon Cowell.

In this next segment Jay Leno notes, "When I was a kid, banks or credit cards would lend you money so you would pay it back. Now, they lend you money so you can't pay it back."

Hmmm... an interesting observation. Here's part 2:

And part 3 in which it is advised to not put your money under your mattress.


Anonymous said...

Leno deserves props for taking the interview in the right direction on the AIG issue. I was a little disappointed when the cut to break immediately after he asked how it could possibly be fair to select specific people to tax heavily, ex post facto, on wages earned upon the execution of legal contracts. The reply after returning from the break was, unfortunately, completely off topic.

coffee said...

seems like Obama would be a talk show guest since he's so good at rolling with the punches

Anonymous said...

Amusing. "The Retarded Negro" took a poke at the Special Olympics. I love irony.

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