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Friday, March 20, 2009

House Approves 90% Tax on Bonuses After Bailouts - NY Times
Financial Journalists Fail Upward - Huffington Post
No Return to Normal - Washington Monthly
AIG: Cranking up the outrage-o-meter - Economist
State ponders money shift to CalPERS to guard pensions - Capitol Weekly
China backs talks on dollar as reserve - Reuters
Goldman to detail AIG trading relationship Friday - MarketWatch
Inside AIG-FP, Feeling the Public's Wrath - Wash. Post

Gold down nearly 1 pct, ETF hits record - Reuters
Oil drifts lower as traders reassess outlook - AP
Multiple 9-to-1 up days often, but not always, are bullish - MarketWatch
Enjoy The Sucker's Rally, Says Merrill's Rosenberg - Clusterstock
Too early to write off dollar despite Fed's move - Reuters
What the Fed's Announcement Means for Gold - Seeking Alpha

New Jersey community offers lessons for today's economy - USA Today
In Sacramento's tent city, a torn economic fabric - LA Times
Scenes from the recession -
Economics focus: Money's muddled message - Economist
U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Index Falls 0.4% - Bloomberg

Euro Falls as EU Prepares to Double Crisis Fund - Bloomberg
Swissie fit: The terrible temptation to depreciate - Economist
European Industrial Output Plunges by Most on Record - Bloomberg
Workers Protest Across France - NY Times
The ECB Stands Alone - WSJ Economics Blog
Mexico expected to maintain slow rate-cut pace - MarketWatch
How China sees the world - Economist
U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar - Reuters

House prices: Caught in the downward current - Economist
Mortgage rates are low. So are approval rates - CNN/Money
Property tax too high? Assessor will hear your plea! - OC Register
Bay Area home median falls below $300,000 - SF Gate

Greenspan’s Bubbles 101 Lesson Must Be Avoided - Bloomberg
Quantitative easing - Econbrowser
Fed’s Approach Creates Chance of Surprise - WSJ Economics Blog
Fed Will Buy Everything That's Not Nailed Down - Prudent Investor

The belief that the wealthy are worthy is waning - LA Times
The Coming Evangelical Collapse - Alternet
Obama's 'Tonight Show' appearance caps day of serious talk - LA Times


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