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Invest in toys!

Monday, March 02, 2009

They say it's better than keeping your money in the bank.


Anonymous said...

FIREARMS -- the ultimate boy toys.

prices have doubled over the past few years due to soaring base metal prices; fear of bans has caused MilSurp ammo to be "unobtainium".

"Military pattern" rifles:
foreign ones were de-militarized, imported, and sold at ridiculously low prices (no modern factory could make such rifles for 3x the price); said rifles and parts have increased several fold in price over the last few years -- -- 50% since the November election, alone.

Better investment than gold -- or toys for children!

Anonymous said...

I agree. here in the states, we like our own kind of toys. guns and ammunition. you keep buying this stuff and stashing it and believe me, one day you will be glad you did. the founding fathers put that second ammendment in there for a purpose. so buy , buy , buy .....and don't look is time folks. it is time. this government is not listening to us and perhaps never has. the game is rigged. the dice are loaded. so butch up and buck up and get armed and dangerous.

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