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Monday, March 02, 2009

AIG enters record books with $61.7 billion loss - Reuters
HSBC seeks $18 billion in capital, cuts 6,100 jobs - IHT
We need shock and awe policies to halt depression - Telegraph
Nationalization isn't the worst fear - Fleckenstein, MSN Money
Some Banks Must Die So the U.S. Economy Can Live - Bloomberg
Is US response to financial crisis strong enough? - CSM
Fair value: BoA shares - FT Alphaville
Jim Rogers Doesn't Mince Words About the Crisis - BusinessWeek

Oil drops below $43 on economic pessimism - Reuters
Plenty of Room for Gold to Go Higher - Seeking Alpha
Smart traders know oil's retreat is temporary - MarketWatch
Stock prices and fundamentals - EconBrowser
Deutsche Bank analyzes oil production costs - Oil & Gas Journal
How CEOs steal from your 401(k) - MSN Money

Consumer spending rises in Jan., unlikely to last - AP
Grocers, food producers at odds over prices - LA Times
Managing a stimulus windfall - CNN/Money
The great repression - The Australian
Worst job losses in 60 years expected - MarketWatch

Euro sinks on lack of aid for Eastern Europe - MarketWatch
IMF likely to downgrade forecasts to global growth - Reuters
Will Italy have to turn to gold? - MarketWatch
Economic crisis threatens the idea of one Europe - IHT
BIS Quarterly Review(.pdf) - BIS
China’s Manufacturing Shrinks as Crisis Cuts Demand - Bloomberg
The Great Solvent North - NY Times
Asia to be hit worse if immigrants in UAE lose their jobs - MarketWatch

Take responsibility for housing fiasco - Baltimore Sun
Sellers struggle with housing market - Fox Tampa
Bailing out homeowners will not fix housing market - Huffington Post
Mutiny at the Market - Los Angeles Downtown News

When Does Faith in Financial Engineering Wane? - Tim Duy's Fed Watch
Buffett says U.S. Treasury bubble one for the ages - Reuters
FDIC: $19 billion now backs over $4.8 trillion - Option Armageddon
Fed helping ease crisis, not fiscal policy - Reuters

Wall Street pulling out of Hollywood - CNN/Money
A side of Cancun not seen during spring break - LA Times
MI5 Alert On Bank Riots - InfoWars


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