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Monday, March 16, 2009

AIG Says $105B Flowed to Goldman, SocGen - Bloomberg
Fed chief: Recession 'probably' will end this year - USA Today
Point counter point: AIG, Goldman and the NYT - FT Alphaville
Bonus Money at Troubled A.I.G. Draws Heavy Criticism - NY Times
How could savvy investors have been fooled by Madoff? Easy - LA Times
Inside the Bear Stearns boiler room - Fortune
As Oil and Gas Prices Plunge, Drilling Frenzy Ends - NY Times
Merkel, Brown minimize G20 differences - MarketWatch

US Mint suspends gold bullion coins sale - Commodity Online
Oil falls to near $44 as OPEC doesn't cut supply - AP
Extraordinary Stress in the Silver Market - GoldMoney
Bear's end? Wishing won't make it so - MSN Money
Cabot Market Letter eyes rally possibility - MarketWatch
Lowering The Sights for Profit Margin Recovery - Hussman Funds

NY Fed manufacturing extends slump in March - Reuters
What will recovery look like? - EconBrowser
Vail Resorts Slash Wages During Tough Times - FirstTracks
With Deflation Possibly Near, This Economist Is All Abuzz - WSJ
Flow of Funds Q4 2008: Debt Deflation confirmation - iTulip

BOE warns tensions in banking system at fever pitch - Telegraph
Euro back above $1.30 for first time in three weeks - MarketWatch
Chinese leader Wen's remarks put focus on U.S. Treasuries - USA Today
Asia stocks hit one-month high - CNN/Money
Lord Turner demands global crackdown on bank excess - TimesOnline
EU chief says Europe will speak with one voice at G20 - Reuters
China details auto stimulus plan for rural residents - People's Daily
In China's economy as elsewhere, the state rises - Reuters

California Financial Dreaming - Dr. Housing Bubble
10,000 more O.C. real estate/finance jobs gone - O.C. Register
Mortgage bubbles - FT Alphaville
Online 'foreclosure' searches increase - LA Land

Will the Fed go long? - CNN/Money
Ben Bernanke on 60 Minutes - Infectious Greed
Ben Bernanke predicts end of recession - Salient Oversight
Bracing for a Bailout Backlash - NY Times

Economy spurs home garden boom - AP
Getty Trust to slash budget as investments tumble - LA Times
Memo to Jim Cramer: Three rules to consider - USA Today


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