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Monday, March 30, 2009

White House questions viability of GM, Chrysler - AP
Stocks Fall Sharply in Asia and Europe - NY Times
GM Chief to Resign at White House's Behest - Wash. Post
IMF gold sales expected to be on G20 agenda - Mineweb
The Steadfast Optimist Who Oversaw G.M.’s Long Decline - NY Times
The Jewel Trade's Fading Luster - Wash. Post
Rising Powers Challenge U.S. on Role in I.M.F. - NY Times
U.S. Lays Down Terms for Auto Bailout - NY Times

Stocks Fall on Concern GM, Chrysler May Fail - Bloomberg
Hard times mean new opportunities for Big Oil - AP
Gold may rebound on demand for alternative assets - The Age
Wall Street rally rests on data due this week - AP
The method behind gold bulls' prediction madness - Globe & Mail
OPEC head Angola eyes oil prices at $75 in 2009 - Reuters

Recession Bites Into Social Security’s Surplus - Bloomberg
Holiday airfares plunge, even for popular destinations - USA Today
Economic Data Will Bring a Reality Check - Wash. Post
In a Down Time Everywhere Else, K Street Bustles - Wash. Post
How to get a job - CNN/Money

Russia backs return to Gold Standard - Telegraph
On eve of G20 summit, new blow to Gordon Brown - Guardian
EU, euro economic confidence drops again - AP
Merkel Is Ready to Greet, and Then Resist, Obama - IHT
Russian Economy Will Shrink 4.5%, World Bank Says - Bloomberg
Double-digit unemployment looms, OECD tells G8 - Reuters
European Retail Sales Fall for 10th Month - Bloomberg
Why Berlin Says U.S. "Bad Bank" Plan is Bad - Time

Some Real Estate Markets Are Warming Up - Seeking Alpha
California AG promises to tackle homeowner scams - LA Times
Overhaul Targets Money Market - Wash. Post
Bargain home prices attract investors, novices - SF Gate

Bernanke Seeks to Avert Pressures on Fed After Crisis - Bloomberg
On the Urgency of Abandoning Toxic Asset Purchases - Hussman Funds
Bank Watchdogs Snooze Before the Biggest Heists - Bloomberg
Geithner won't say if more bailout money needed - Reuters

He’s Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful, and a Rising Star on Fox News - NY Times
Subprime is dead, but not this lender’s program - O.C. Register
The 9 wackiest tax deductions - MSN Money


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