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Not your typical G20 meeting in London

Monday, March 30, 2009

With disparate views on how to rescue the global economy, talk of a new reserve currency, and the escalating protests outside, it should be an exciting G20 meeting this week.


Anonymous said...

I just hope Obama does not sell Americans again like what our past presidents did in the WTO GAT. Millions of americans are unemployed and Obama's duty is with Americans first before the world.

Anonymous said...

Maybe more americans should have been protesting in the past meetings.

Dan said...

I feel that capitalism is getting a bad rap. Isn't this correction really capitalism at work? I'm not saying that capitalism was working during the run up, quite to the contrary. Why do people continue to blame capitalism when it wasn't free market policies which created this mess?

Rosa said...

There are always protests before these types of summits. Though increased globalization can lead to harms for poorer countries it can do a lot to save the global economy in the long-run and those harms will exist anyway it is a matter of degrees. There are more pressing issues at hand that need to be addressed. There is a great story about this on this website :

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