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You are well educated and affluent

Friday, April 10, 2009

As part of my advertising partnership with Investing Channel for this blog, it was registered with Quantcast a couple months back and they've got some interesting demographic data available that is worth sharing on this Friday afternoon.

Don't ask me how they collect this information, but it sure is interesting.

Most of you should give yourself a pat on the back - you are well educated and affluent, but you probably already knew that.

The summary description says, "This blog reaches over 31,311 monthly people, of which 24,847 (79%) are in the U.S. The blog appeals to a 35-49, largely male, more educated, more affluent audience."

They count the monthly page views at about 120,000 and the unique visitors at about 80,000 which is consistent with the sitemeter stats.

Also of interest are the above average number of Asian visitors and, thankfully, less than one percent of you are considered "addicts" (I don't really know what that means, but the less than one percent figure is probably a good number). To see all the data, go to Quantcast.


Dan said...

so we're 35-49 but don't have any kids? I feel so materialistic and empty

albrt said...

Looking at those demographics, you definitely need to talk more about "Atlas Shrugged."

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Hey, did you hear Dave Arneson died?

Tim said...

Dan: I forgot to comment about that - it was kind of strange for 92 percent to have no children under 17 when the median age is in the mid 40s. Those 7 readers aged 3 to 11 were curious as well.

Albrt: No, I had to look up the name as I was never much into Dungeons and Dragons.

Anonymous said...

How come some of the bar charts on the right match the summary on the left but others don't? The barchart for race makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

And what sort of 11 year old (and under) is reading your blog....that is a real head scratcher! You didn't have a "sponge bob meets bernake" article anywhere that I can see.

T said...

I know you said not to ask but how can they possibly know this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Well...I assume that they can see the IP addresses of every visitor. And every IP address is traced back to the visitor. Your service provider does indeed have your social security number in their database.

Me thinks there is a lot personal info sharing going on amongst companies.

dearieme said...

If I'm affluent then the world is going to hell in a handcart. I'll plead guilty to being educated. It's partly a matter of age. They taught us stuff in the olden times.

Bruno T said...

My theory on the no-kids is that this website has a lot about investing and related economic news. People with kids at home these days don't have any money to invest, so it doesn't interest them. At best they have short term savings for college funds. But that is money market/CD type stuff, and they feel they have no control over rates on that, so why read up on the economy?

How's that?

Tim said...

I thought the no kids was a hiccup in the data somehow, but you may be right.

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