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Goldman Sachs rules the world

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A video to go along with yesterday's front page WSJ story($) about how New York Federal Reserve Bank Chairman and Goldman Sachs board member Stephen Friedman made an extra couple million dollars last year.

A related story in today's paper: GOP Senator Criticizes New York Fed Chairman


Anonymous said...

Not to worry.... Barney Frank will straighten it all out

Anonymous said...

Barney Frank will ask his former staffer Michael Paese who has been hired by Goldman Sachs on what US policy should be. Let me guess, the advice will be to funnel huge amounts of tax breaks, special low interest loans, outright gifts of billions and in general turn the US treasury over to Goldman Sachs


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, we do not produce much of net value any more. So, they'll need to steal from the foreigners.

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