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Kunstler: The bottom is in

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

But it's not the kind of bottom you were probably thinking of:

For now, the "bottom" is in -- that is, the bottom of this society's ability to process reality. It may continue for a month of so, even after the "stress test" for banks is finally let out of the massage parlor with a "happy ending." But events are underway that are beyond the command of personalities. We're done "doing business" in all the ways that we've been used to, but we just can't get with the new program. Let's count the ways:
He goes on to talk about the end of our "revolving credit economy", "suburban living arrangement", and "happy motoring fiesta" during which the possibilities of an energy-driven World War III are discussed along with paying for things using gold and/or silver, weeds growing in Chrysler and Pontiac car lots, and the unsustainable economic model of producing Cheez Doodles and Diet Pepsi.

A great way to start your day...


fish said...

Just my opinion but Kunstler is a lot like Dr. Laura....the advice/opinion may be reasonable but you still want to punch them in the mouth after they've offered it.

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