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Googling unemployment

Sunday, May 03, 2009

There's an interesting webpage at Google that was stumbled upon the other day when looking for the unemployment rates we heard on the radio last Thursday as we returned from Oregon. Here's what things look like in some of the counties we passed through.
IMAGE With the exception of Calaveras County where we live now (pop. 46,000) and where we're headed to in Deschutes County (pop. 154,000), these are all in the northern most part of California with Shasta County being the largest (pop. 169,000). Not included in this graphic is Klamath County in Oregon (pop. 67,000) where unemployment is now 17.3 percent.


Tim said...

Wow - it's brand new:

Google Unveils New Tool To Dig for Public Data
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Google launched a new search tool yesterday designed to help Web users find public data that is often buried in hard-to-navigate government Web sites.

The tool, called Google Public Data, is the latest in the company's efforts to make information from federal, state and local governments accessible to citizens. It's a goal that many Washington public interest groups and government watchdogs share with President Obama, whose technology advisers are pushing to open up federal data to the public.
Pretty neat!

Anonymous said...

Seasonally adjusted data would have been much better, but still pretty good.....

Anonymous said...

It is not proper for Real Americans to focus on the useless losers like that 14-18% of good-for-nothing parasites that nobody thinks are worth putting to work. Real Americans don't like to thing about losers, but to think "good riddance" for these exploiters.

Real Americans focus on the incomes of heroes of production and creativity like Mozillo, Cayne, Thain, Prince, ONeal, Paulson, Skilling and those others that have produced hundreds of millions of value all by themselves, some of which they have been generous enough to let trickle down, and much of which has been extorted by criminally high taxes to buy cadillacs, t-bone steaks, guaranteed free university places, no-repay mortgages for minorities and other ravenously greedy antiamericans.


marku said...

thanks for including us Tim!

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