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Monday, May 04, 2009

GM Bankruptcy Probable, UAW Favored Over Bondholders - Bloomberg
BofA, Citigroup working to raise $10 billion: report - MarketWatch
Buffett: ‘No Signs’ of Recovery in Housing, Retail - Bloomberg
Why Congress Won't Investigate Wall Street - WSJ
Victims: Madoff Trustee Not Looking Out for Us - New York Post
Fat public sector sickens California - Grand Forks Herald
How Lehman Brothers Got Its Real Estate Fix - NY Times
The prophets of doom - Salon

Gold firms on weak U.S. dollar, Chinese buying - Reuters
Crude Oil Declines After Reaching Five-Week High - Bloomberg
Stock market rally under stress - CNN/Money
The End of Personal Finance - The Big Money
Investment Outlook: 2+2=4 - Gross, Pimco
Comfortable with Uncertainty - Hussman Funds

Worries Rise on the Size of U.S. Debt - NY Times
Boston Globe could file shutdown notice Monday - Reuters
High gas prices drive changes in fuel consumption - LA Times
Warren Buffett: Inflation on the horizon - CNN/Money
Falling Wage Syndrome - Krugman, NY Times

Asian markets soar on economic hopes - CNN/Money
China marriage boom to boost jewellery trade - Commodity Online
China's manufacturing sector returns to growth, data show - MarketWatch
EU Says Europe Economy to Shrink 4%, ‘Free Fall’ Over - Bloomberg
Asian nations agree to form $120 billion 'liquidity pool' - MarketWatch
Brazil Stocks Lure Most Foreign Inflows in a Year - Bloomberg
House prices will stay in the doldrums until 2013 - Citywire
Europe must learn from Japan’s experience - FT

The Next Housing Bust - WSJ
U.S. Home Prices May Be Lost for a Generation - Bloomberg
Why are Opening Auction Bids Below The Loan Balance? - RCG
Vacant foreclosed homes spawn blight, crime - SF Gate

Bernanke To Face Tension On the Hill - Wash. Post
Among Democrats, a rift over siding with banks - CSM
Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear - NY Times
Treasurys flat ahead of debt sales - CNN/Money

Ancient tsunami 'hit New York' - BBC
You Have Got Mail -- From Nigeria - Barron's
California's Water: A Vanishing Resource - Signs on San Diego
Do You Use an RSS Reader? - Mashable


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