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A three-year anniversary and a special offer

Friday, May 15, 2009

It was three years ago on this day (which also happened to be a Friday) that the companion investment website Iacono Research was launched. My, how time flies...

As seen in the banner graphic below, there's still not a whole lot of glitz at the website and, someday, maybe a real logo might be developed, but the investment newsletter was never intended to be flashy, just good. As in, bottom-line good.
IMAGE Even after the travails of 2008, since the model portfolio was formalized a little over three years ago, average annual returns of almost nine percent have been seen (including the 2009 year-to-date gain of about 13 percent).

Moreover, going back to include 2005, as the model portfolio was being formalized based on personal investment data, the average annual return jumps to more than 11 percent for a cumulative gain of some 56 percent.

Not bad, all things considered. In fact, that's pretty good and I have the data to prove it.

Here's what it looks like in chart form going back to earlier in the decade, during which time "proxy" model portfolio data is used as detailed in the Approach section of the website.
IMAGE Yes, you could have tripled your money in the last eight years, but not by listening to what Money Magazine says you should do with your investment portfolio.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion (and, believe me, there were times when I wondered if I would ever make it to three years...), a low, low subscription rate is being brought back for a limited time - through next Tuesday only.

Unfortunately, the rate is far too low to mention here.

If you are interested, you can just sign up for a trial run by clicking on the image to the right, then following the simple instructions, and you'll not only be provided with details of the special offer, but you'll get access to the subscribers' section of the website for a few days prior to the Tuesday deadline.

Or, if you've already had a free trial and have already heard enough from me here at the blog and are ready to take the plunge, just send mail to and I'll be happy to provide you with all the details.

Here's hoping for (at least) another three more years!



Dan said...

Happy 3-year dude!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your links every business day, not an easy job.

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