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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Stress Test Finds Strength in Banks - Wash. Post
How We Tested the Big Banks - Geithner, NY Times
Fed’s Bank Results ‘Reassuring,’ Show No Insolvency - Bloomberg
ECB cuts a quarter percent; BoE keeps 0.5 pct rate - AP
GM posts $6B 1Q loss, spends $10.2B in cash - AP
House to ask B. of A..'s Lewis to testify on Merrill deal: report - MarketWatch
Economic Crisis Raises Fears of Extremism in Western Countries - NY Times
Google: American phenomenon and antitrust target - Reuters

Oil Trades Near $56 After Rising on U.S. Stockpiles - Bloomberg
Gold inches up ahead of stress tests, ETF dips - Reuters
Treasury Yields Rise to Five-Month High - Bloomberg
The trouble with market timing - CNN/Money
More States Start Pension Inquiries - NY Times
Gold: unstable metal - FT

Unemployment claims fall more than expected - CNN/Money
Productivity Rises 0.8%; Labor Costs Up 3.3% - Bloomberg
Retailer's mixed April sales show a cautious consumer - MarketWatch
Reeling states hit by April tax shortfalls - CNN/Money
Glossary of the new economics - Bing

World stocks rise ahead of US stress tests results - AP
Global Crisis ‘Vastly Worse’ Than 1930s, Taleb Says - Bloomberg
Bank of England surprises on bonds; ECB cuts - MarketWatch
King’s ‘Heads Up’ Awaited on Phase Two of BOE Plan - Bloomberg
Australia's jobless rate marks surprise decline in April - MarketWatch
Power Generation Declines: China's Recovery Lagging - China Stakes
Gold sales cost Europe’s central banks $40bn - FT
UN 'stunned' by scale of bail-out - BBC

SC court halts thousands of home foreclosure sales - AP
Mozilo May Stand Trial in Florida for Homeowner Abuses - TTAM
Rich Default on Luxury Homes Like Subprime Victims - Bloomberg
Another Sign of Foreclosure Trouble in California - WSJ

The Big Banks Enabled Subprime Lenders - BusinessWeek
Bernanke Favored Rate Cuts Tied to Bubble - Wash. Post
Credit Risk Tumbles to Lowest Since Lehman Crisis - Bloomberg
B of A and Bernanke: Unstressed - Bruce Krasting

Co-Anchor Is Leaving PBS Program on Business - Times
Will Ratigan help MSNBC and hurt CNBC? - MarketWatch
California voters likely to revisit gay marriage - LA Times
Millionaires don't feel so rich: survey - CNN/Money


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