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Buffett on lunches, the economy, and inflation

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett talks with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman about expensive lunches, his Goldman Sachs investments, the economy, and more.

Some highlights from the Oracle of Omaha after a $5 hamburger...

On whether he will cash out of Goldman Sachs:
No, no, no. I will keep those Goldman warrants right through their full -- they've got four and a quarter years or so to run. But I think we'll make a lot of money out of those.
On the possibility of the United States losing its AAA Rating:
As long as you're issuing money and you're issuing debt in your own currency, you can print money. The U.S. -- no, I think we will have a AAA for not only as long as I live, but as long as you live, which is more important.
Here's part 2...

On whether unemployment will continue to rise:
It’s going higher—business has not bounced back. We have not come off the bottom yet. It will work out in the end. Since 1776 it’s been a mistake to bet against America . America solves its problems. How soon, nobody knows. But we have not come off the bottom yet. And it will work out in the end.
On inflation in the United States :
What we’re doing raises the probability significantly of very significant inflation down the road—not this year or next year or the year after that, but we’ve taken actions and they were appropriate actions… it will have consequences and nobody knows exactly what they will be and how effective we will be at draining a system we’ve been flooding, but the probability of significant inflation has gone up.


Economy said...

Buffet has lost it. His time is over, there is change. We voted for it, and it has come. The age is not the same as when he made his money, and his stock price reflects the change.

Anonymous said...

"Buffet has lost it. His time is over.."

How many times have I heard that?
Back when he bought GS it was the same. Buffet's a fool, Buffet's a clown, Buffet's lost it etc...
6-9 months later he's sitting on $1Bn in profits from that one trade.

Change the record...

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