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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fed Shielded Facts Of Merrill Sale, Republicans Say - Wash. Post
AIG moves to spin off 2 units, reduce gov't debt - AP
Wall St. Begins Campaign to Thwart ‘Populist Overreaction’ - Bloomberg
Millionaires' club shrank at record rate in 2008, Merrill says - LA Times
Volcker Gets Less Than He Wants in Curbing Excesses - Bloomberg
Fed Douses Speculation on Asset Purchases - Bloomberg
Citi Boosting Salaries to Offset Lower Bonuses - Time
BBC says it will publish top executives' salaries - AP

Oil Rises Above $69 After Pipeline Attacks - Bloomberg
Gold price to rise on ETF investment demand - Commodity Online
Companies rethink 401(k) plan contributions - USA Today
Treasuries Fall as Asian Stocks Rally - Bloomberg
Oil falls as demand stagnates - MarketWatch
Is it safe to buy stocks again? - MSN Money

Jobless claims deflate labor rebound hopes - Reuters
Economy dips at slightly lower 5.5 percent pace - AP
Hedge-Fund Guy Points Toward Z-Shaped Recovery - Bloomberg
Is inflation our next big worry? - MSN Money
Inflation or Hyperinflation? - Merk, Safehaven

Toyota's new boss warns of two more tough years - Reuters
Russia Facing Long Recession, World Bank Says - NY Times
Britain facing biggest deficit in Western world, warns OECD - Telegraph
Lenders try to repossess homes for credit card debt - Guardian
Mervyn King left in dark by Treasury on bank reforms - Telegraph
China’s Dealmakers Look Abroad Again - NY Times
Gordon Brown's 10 worst financial gaffes - Guardian
World wants "major reserve currencies" stable: China - Reuters

What the Fed's Decision Means for Mortgage Rates - US News
4 of America's nastiest housing busts - MSN Money
Realtors say new appraisals `problem" - Mercury News
Meltdown 101: Where do home prices really stand? - AP

Fed Board Maintains the Status Quo - NY Times
The Fed Holds Steady: Mixed Signals on the Economy - Time
AIG to Cut Debt to Federal Reserve by $25 Billion - Bloomberg
Short View: Fed's poker game - AP

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live - Time
Indicted billionaire to appear in court in Texas - AP
Study: Saturn moon has liquid water below surface - AP
Most People Prefer Right Ear for Listening - LiveScience


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