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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Supreme Court Delays Chrysler's Swift Sale - Wash. Post
Auto suppliers to seek new government aid - Reuters
Boston Globe Union Rejects Deal on Pay Cuts - NY Times
Obama's summer jobs plan: work for 600,000 people - LA Times
Goldman's "dark pool" gains ground in Hong Kong - Reuters
Budget knife threatens popular state programs - LA Times
U.S. regulator: Be wary of reverse mortgages - CNN/Money
Holman Jenkins’s errors, Part 1 - Salmon, Reuters

Oil rises to above $69 as investors weigh outlook - AP
Gold sales plunge by 40% in Dubai, Abu Dhabi - Commodity Online
Peter L. Bernstein, Explainer of Stock Risks, Dies - NY Times
India, Gulf demand to put gold in $870 range - Commodity Online
Why the Time Could Be Right for Gold-Mining Stocks - Holmes, Kitco
“Fear, Hope and Greed” - Saut, Raymond James

High Gas Prices Could Slow Recovery - NY Times
Krugman: ‘Back at you, Ferguson’ - FT AlphaVille
The ‘part-timezation’ of America - FT AlphaVille
Recession won't end until unemployment drops - MarketWatch
The jobs aren't coming back anytime soon - Time

Interest in property 'up again' - BBC
Stimulus – at what cost? - China Financial Markets
IMF tells Europe to come clean on bank losses - Telegraph
China Car Sales Jump Most Since 2006 on Government Stimulus - Bloomberg
Top Chinese banker Guo Shuqing calls for wider use of yuan - Telegraph
China's growth to help pull world economy out: world bank chief - CHINADaily
Europe swings Right as depression deepens - Telegraph
Germany's Arcandor in bankruptcy - BBC

Foreclosure crisis spreads to prime mortgages - USA Today
Is housing market nearing bottom? - RecordOnline
Price cuts rife in select Bay Area markets - SF Gate
Home buyers' tax credit can be turned into cash at closing - LA Times

Fed Said to Retreat From Selling Its Own Bills - Bloomberg
How Sheila Bair is channeling Donald Trump - MarketWatch
Banks May Need New Stress Tests, Panel Says - Wash. Post
Fed’s Dollar Lie Called Out by Victorious Merkel - Bloomberg

Some owners who used homes to buoy finances are sinking - LA Times
Detroit Suburbs Beckon Fiat Executives With $1,595 Sandals - Bloomberg
Sonia Sotomayor: A spender, not a saver? - CNN/Money
English villagers try to save struggling pubs - LA Times


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