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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unemployment spreads distress in U.S. home loans - Reuters
WSJ/NBC Poll: Insecurity Spreads in the Labor Market - WSJ Economics
They used to call it ‘frontrunning.’ Now it’s called ‘innovation’ - New Deal 2.0
Will Everyone Please Shut Up About Goldman Sachs? - The Big Money
If a bank is too big to fail, it must be broken up - Telegraph
Commodities sell off amid 'perfect storm' - MarketWatch
California IOUs: Where's my cash? - CNN/Money
Fed walks the tightrope - Winkler, Reuters

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Oil above $64 amid upbeat corporate earnings - AP
IMF gold sale under new CB pact only - Commodity Online
Wall Street Analysts Keep Telling Big Earnings Lie - Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs opposes limits for traders in commodities - MarketWatch
Demystifying High Frequency Trading - greenfaucet
Oil firms see big fall in profits - BBC

Initial Jobless Claims Rise to 584,000 - Bloomberg
Insight: Learn to love the recovery - FT
Beige Book: Job Seekers, Consumers Under Pressure - WSJ Economics
Economic crisis, and a crisis for economics - Telegraph
It's Not a Recession ... Or a Depression - dailykos

China's central bank reassures on monetary policy - Reuters
I've been an optimist on China. But I'm starting to worry - FT
House market upturn gains traction on price rise - TimesOnline
Nationwide: UK house prices may end 2009 higher - Telegraph
European Retail Sales Fall for 14th Straight Month - Bloomberg
China Plans Global Role for Their Currency - Wall St. Mess
Chinese bubble fears as funds flow into IPOs - FT
Euro economy confidence hits 8-month high - AP

Foreclosures up again - Reuters
Lucrative Fees May Deter Efforts to Alter Loans - NY Times
Hot housing market? No, but Dean Baker bought a house - LA Land
Been Down So Long That Flat Looks Like Up to Us - The Source

Fed Sees Signs of Hope for Economy - Wash. Post
Dudley says Fed has tools to control inflation - MarketWatch
Can the Fed Identify Bubbles Before They Happen? - WSJ
New York Fed On Shadow Banking - Zero Hedge

Desperate state may sell Capitol buildings, others - AZ Central
Goldman Sachs lawyer caught soliciting '15-year-old' - Daily News
Americans rate Fed worst among 9 key agencies - Signs on San Diego
Official: Jackson doctor could face foreclosure - USA Today


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