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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Goldman: Morgan Is Wrong About Fed Exit Strategy - Bloomberg
CFTC Floats Rules Aimed at Speculation - Washington Post
Economic recovery faces serious hurdles - MarketWatch
Speaker boycotts California budget session - LA Times
The Wealthy World at its 'oil break point' - Calgary Herald
Ten sneaky bank fees that sting consumers - MarketWatch
America's Fiscal Train Wreck - Morgan Stanley
The Free and the Dead - Kunstler, CFN

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Oil rallies above $64 after four-day fall - Reuters
Glut of oil could push gasoline prices back down below $2 a gallon - LA Times
Pondering U.S. Equity Allocation & Portfolio Mix - Capital Spectator
Oil Due for Short-Term Setback, Long-Term Outlook Bullish - Money Morning
The Great American Bubble Machine - Rolling Stone
“Rosebud?!” - Saut, Raymond James

Obama Adviser Says U.S. Should Mull Second Stimulus - Bloomberg
Get Ready for 14 Percent Unemployment - Real Clear Markets
Economist Says Japan Deflation Model Doesn’t Fit - WSJ MarketBeat
Christina Romer's Faulty Depression History - Mises
Services index improves a bit in June - MarketWatch

France, Unlike U.S., Is Deep Into Stimulus Projects - NY Times
Australia keeps policy rate at 3%, sees scope for easing - MarketWatch
China Looks to G8, EU for More Trade, Stable System - ChinaStakes
Mumbai slides on debt fears - MarketWatch
Gazprom spending spree troublesome - UPI
G8 can weep together, or fight together - Breaking Views
Clash in China's oil-rich Xinjiang leaves 156 dead - MarketWatch
Xingjian Riots: The Energy Connection - Infectious Greed

Home-Equity Loan Delinquencies Set Record in First Quarter - Bloomberg
S&P raises loss expectations for risky US mortgages - Reuters
Repo business soars as Sacramento area home sales slump - Sacramento Bee
Government greenlights more underwater refis - CNN/Money

U.S. Lenders May Have to Raise $300 Billion - Bloomberg
Why the Fed is Depreciating the Currency - GoldSeek
Bank regulators fail consumers -- again - MarketWatch
Will Bernanke keep his job? - CNN/Money

California Dreamers - The Atlantic
Why Self-Help Programs Are Bogus - LiveScience
Marc Andreessen puts his money where his mouth is - CNN/Money
Your Deleted Social Network Pics Are Probably Still There - LifeHacker


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