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Capitalism, a Love Story

Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Moore's latest film, due in U.S. theaters in a little over a month, now has a catchy new title - Capitalism, A Love Story. Hopefully, the health care debate will have simmered down by then and angry citizens will be able to direct some of their ire toward the cozy relationship between Washington and Wall Street. Then again, that may be asking too much.

I've always wondered about the math discussed at about the 0:50 mark. It seems like a textbook example of leverage on Wall Street - "By spending just a few million dollars to buy Congress, Wall Street was given billions".


staghounds said...

Looks like you need to put on the old comment verification thingy there, Mr. I.

Michael Moore is a very skilled and very dishonest maker of polemics. But the math is pretty much on the money.

Tim said...

It's still on ... yet another guy that gets paid to sit in front of his computer and leave comments at blogs with links to all sorts of weird places.

fish said...

I'm just glad to see Michael Moore finally turning into his animated alter ego Peter Griffin.

Jones said...

Yeah, but he's bashing Capitalism... I wouldn't classify what we've had as Capitalism; Crony-Capitalism, Fascism, Socialism... anything but Capitalism.

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