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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama to nominate Bernanke to second term - LA Times
Clunkers: Dealers get ready for the 'hangover' - CNN/Money
America Is Running Out Of Rope - Market Ticker
Federal deficits: $9 trillion and counting - CNN/Money
The interest rate disconnect - FT AlphaVille
Clarion Call from Cantarell - Gregor
Financial Crisis Called Off - Kunstler, CFN
Disaggregating Zero Hedge - Reuters

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Crude futures little moved ahead of economic data - MarketWatch
Gold Rebounds After Biggest Drop in a Week as Dollar Weakens - Bloomberg
“It takes a licking and keeps on ticking?!” - Saut, Raymond James
Bundesbank confirms Germany’s gold is in play - Max Keiser
Buy-and-hold strategy losing grip on investors - LA Times
Being contrary about gold - MarketWatch

U.S. home prices rise for a second straight month - Reuters
Back to School, but Hopefully Not Back into Credit-Card Debt - Time
Pennsylvania budget impasse takes toll on residents - CNN/Money
Data hints consumers handling credit cards better - AP
Hotel losses mount, hurting city's coffers - SF Gate

World stocks slide amid caution, China off 2.6% - CHINADaily
Mortgage approvals hit 17-month high in July - Times Online
China Construction Bank Sees Asset Bubbles Due to Excess Cash - Bloomberg
China’s Capital Tightening Plan May Cut Lending by $102 Billion - Bloomberg
Migrant Worker Shortage Returns, though China's Exports Still Falling - China Stakes
Russian Bonds Drop, Emerging-Market Stocks Slump on Oil, China - Bloomberg
Yuan trade settlement program runs into rough weather - CHINADaily
Beijing loves IKEA -- but not for shopping - LA Times

Bay Area mortgage delinquencies soar - SF Gate
Home Prices Fall Less Than Forecast - Bloomberg
Fewer Catching Up on Lapsed Mortgages - WSJ
The Anticipated Prime Mortgage Problem Has Arrived - Seeking Alpha
Fannie, Freddie shares soar on huge volume - BusinessWeek
Housing authorities feel the squeeze -

Bernanke to Be Reappointed as Fed Chairman - Wash. Post
Taylor Rule Change Will Hurt Fed’s Inflation Fight - Bloomberg
Dismantle Bernanke's 'Happy Conspiracy' ... now! - MarketWatch
Court Orders Federal Reserve to Disclose Emergency Loan Details - Bloomberg
Why Is the Fed Creating Excess Reserves? - Jesse's Cafe

Common Sense 2009 - Huffington Post
The Most Ridiculous "As Seen On TV" Gadgets - BusinessInsider
Double Down with KFC - FoodGeekery
The Porn Bust - The Mises Institute


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